Frequently asked questions about our Hand Crafted Jewelry

I like a piece of jewelry you make but I would like to choose a different gemstone than what is listed. Can you do that for me?

Yes! This would be a great way to make it uniquely yours. Contact us and we'll work out the details and price.

Can I choose a different metal than is listed on an item in your shop?

You can choose 14 Karat Yellow, White, or Rose gold on any item listed in our shop. You can also request 18 Karat Yellow gold. We do not use 18 Karat white gold, Although 18 Karat White Gold sounds rich and costs more, it is a bad choice for jewelry because it is extremely brittle and susceptible to cracking. We do not make jewelry with alternative metals. We do not use 10 Karat Gold. Platinum is available on request. Contact us for pricing. Silver can be requested, We don't recomend silver for most pieces . It can be too soft for some applications , doesn't hold a high polich and almost always tarnishes. In some pieces made with silver , a patina can be preferred.

I can buy jewelry at a mall store or order jewelry online, why would I have a piece of jewelry custom made?

While just any piece of jewelry might work for some situations, there are many reasons why you might have a custom piece of jewelry made. You have many more choices when custom making . Options like quality, colors, weight, and how much you want to spend. You can use metals and gemstones you already own . And , it is made to fit . When you're thinking about that special event ,anniversary, or milestone , a custom made piece of jewelry would be an excellant choice!

Why don't you use alternative metals?

These are a few of the reasons: Our goal is to design and create the highest quality heirloom jewelry. Gold and platinum ,apart from being rare and expensive, has qualities unmatched by any other metals , making it the perfect metal for jewelry making.

If I order one of your pieces with diamonds , how do I know I'm getting a high quality center diamond?

The pieces listed on our site are made with GIA Certified Lazer Inscribed Center Diamonds. You will receive this certification upon purchase. The side and accent diamonds are graded by GIA grading standards and garanteed as listed .

How long does it take to receive a made to order piece of jewelry from Addington?

From the time you place an order to the time you receive it will be about 2 weeks.

Do I pay for a made to order piece jewelry from Addington before or after I receive it?

To start , you pay half of the total price ,then the balance when completed.

What if I change my mind or decide I don't want it after receiving it?

Because these pieces are made for you and only you and to your specifications, there are no refunds or exchanges once the process starts.

Watch Batteries?

Yes, 15.00 each.

Watch Band Link Removal?

Yes, 30.00 one time charge, no matter how many need to be removed or re-added.

Jewelry Repair?

Yes, However that's something we'll have to inspect and estimate in store.


Yes, Prices vary, however if you have the right documentation ,you can possibly save quite a bit.